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Learn about 3 hidden household hazards

When you bought your home you most likely had a home inspector visit to find out what, if anything, is... Read More

Deb Manzari

There’s more to buying a home than taking on a monthly mortgage payment

There are good reasons that homebuyers are counselled to see a lender early in the homebuying process. Yes, he or... Read More

Deb Manzari

Autumn in the garden

Summer 2020 brought record-breaking heat, leaving many home gardens in tatters. In fact, “July 2020 has tied for second-hottest July... Read More

Deb Manzari

Is Halloween cancelled this year?

There are Halloween folks and then there are those among us who can take it or leave it. Oh, and... Read More

Deb Manzari

Working on the house? Talk to your insurance agent first

The folks at Pew Research released the results of a recent poll that shows “Half of adults who say they... Read More

Deb Manzari

Most common defects found during the home inspection

There are two points in every home sale that have both the buyer and the seller chewing their fingernails: the... Read More

Deb Manzari


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